Every Man e.V. was founded in March 2022. We are a Christian, not-for-profit, organisation aiming to help men walk with God, especially in the areas of their lives that consume most of their time, ie, marriage and relationships, bringing up children, managing money, work, sex, going through hard times, and making their lives count. Most people are amazed by how practical and relevant biblical teaching in these areas is, bringing benefit to all of society.

The founders of Every Man e.V. are motivated by a desire to help men be successful in the above aspects of their lives because of the impact that men have on our communities and society, and the issues that they are struggling with. For example, over 80% of men in prison had no father or an abusive father, and around 33% of children now grow up in a single parent family. Add to this the unprecedented scale of pornography consumption which is having a widespread negative impact on families, the ability to form and maintain relationships, and that often results in greater loneliness.  

As a Christian organisation we see the importance of men as well as women in our churches. For example, men have a particularly powerful influence as role models for children and on whether children will continue to attend church when they grow up. Of course Christian men are not immune to the challenges that all other men face, and teaching in the above areas in churches is often lacking.

Primarily we work with material from Every Man a Warrior (EMAW), which is a ministry of Trans World Radio (TWR) in co-operation with The Navigators. EMAW is already having impact around the world in over 50 countries and 24 languages. The EMAW material has been translated into German under the title of the Every Man Kurs.